CSR Principles

We commit ourselves to observe, as far as possible and reasonable, those internationally recognized ethical standards and principles of prudent corporate governance (Integrity) above and beyond the compliance with respective national provisions (Compliance). We shall identify legitimate interests of our relevant Stakeholders as well as the natural environment and shall exercise our influential capabilities both conscientiously and responsibly.

Core Issues and Topics shall be human rights, work practices, the environment, fair corporate and business practices, consumer issues and engagement with societal developments as described in the RBA CoC. RF360 as a member of RBA shall design its own corporate structures and corporate procedures to assure the observance of those recognized principles in all areas and sectors at all times.

In this regards the following principles of social responsibility shall be observed:

  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Ethical Conduct
  • Respect for the Expectations of Stakeholders
  • Respect for the Rule of Law
  • Respect for International Standards of Conduct
  • Respect for Human Rights

The key declarations recognizing corporate responsibility are anchored in the corporate mission statement:

Towards everyone:

We respect the legal framework in all its national and international forms and manifestations as well as those recognized principles of responsible corporate governance. We especially respect human rights and promote the observance of same in our field of business within the scope of our possibilities.

Towards our employees:

We orient ourselves on those recognized principles of fair labor practices. We specifically offer

  • Secure employment relationships in observance of legal and collective wage agreement requirements
  • Safe workplaces and the promotion of health and wellbeing
  • Vocational training and career advancement opportunities
  • Involvement in work structuring especially as safety and ergonomics are concerned

​Towards our customers, suppliers and business partners:

We commit ourselves to observe fair business practices. This includes:

  • Fair competition
  • Combating corruption
  • Respecting property rights
  • Responsible political involvement

​Towards consumers:

RF360 supports all legitimate consumer concerns where we have influence on. Legitimate consumer concerns specifically include:

  • Protecting the health and safety of consumers
  • Fair advertising, marketing, and contractual practices, no misleading information
  • Protection and confidentiality of customer data
  • Consumer education and awareness raising initiatives
  • Sustainable consumption

Towards the social environment (Municipality, Region):

Within the scope of our possibilities we support:

  • Promotion of education and culture
  • Safeguarding health
  • Creation of jobs and vocational qualification
  • Creation of prosperity and income opportunities

​Towards our (natural) environment:
We will undertake all feasible and reasonable measure to reduce environmental impact to the unavoidable minimum. This includes the sustainable use of resources. We support the prevention of climate change and contribute the preservation of natural habitats.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

We actively promote the good health of our employees and sub-contractors, above and beyond statutory requirements. The preventive identification of accident and health risks in order to comprehensively control same is our highest priority. Those managers responsible shall, in conjunction with our employees, specify the necessary preventive measures and shall implement same. Such includes the safe handling of chemicals and work materials, designing safe workplaces and workstations in consideration of ergonomic factors, as well as a suitable work environment in consideration of psychological and social aspects. We shall integrate all concerned contractual partners, where applicable, and commit ourselves to work with them towards occupational and health safety. All agreements made in regards thereto are binding.

The effectiveness of all implemented occupational and health safety measures shall be periodically reviewed and where possible improved. Decisive is the reduction of work-related occurrences, accidents and illnesses. In such manner an equivalent high level of occupational health and safety protection can be achieved at all corporate sites. 


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