Environmental Protection

Economy, customer benefit and quality are key criteria of product assessment. But environmental compatibility is also coming to the fore as a quality feature. Economy and ecology do not necessarily conflict. As our customers keep miniaturizing their products with components of diminishing dimensions and rising scales of integration, they provide a classic example of how resources can be spared while costs are cut.

RF360 follows all EPCOS management systems for an interim period of 12 months after its start of operation of business. 

Acknowledging its responsibility to future generations, EPCOS has implemented a global environment management system that ensures the same high standards of protection worldwide.This corporate code applies to all locations. Regular audits by independent bodies monitor compliance. The aim of our environmental management system is not merely compliance with all statutory and administrative requirements, but efficient use of precious resources. We avoid hazardous substances and minimize waste. For example, all relevant EPCOS components comply with the European Union's ban on lead. Another key issue is environmentally friendly disposal of waste water.